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If you have watched the laughathon “Hangover part II,” you can already guess that Bangkok is synonymous with ladyboys and there is no way you can distinguish them from actual women just by looking at them. Their devilish good looks, feminine charm, and ever-smiling faces have made them increasingly popular.

Before you cringe, know about the prestigious Thai culture

Thai ladyboy escort is part of the Kathoey population in Thailand, a third gender, and they are a prominent percentage of the entire nation’s population. Despite many difficulties encountered since birth, they have gradually consolidated their foothold on the Thai cultural strata.

Many of the Kathoey population choose to work in female occupations such as shops, restaurants, factories, etc.; while others choose the more adventurous lives as exotic escort girls.

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Immerse yourself in the Land of Smiles!

Though many gay Westerners may think of Thailand as a haven, the third gender is still working towards equality, being consistently disenfranchised by undercurrents of Western Judeo-Christian bigotry. Although the laws state equal treatments, as per Darwinism, any variations from mainstream developments are treated with contempt and mistrust.

In today’s world of sexual fluidity and rampant homophobia and bigotry, Thailand has become the inspiration to alternate genders throughout the world for the proactive inclusion of the ladyboy population. Whether it is industries or restaurants or Thai Bangkok ladyboy escort services, the ladyboys have contributed profoundly to the advancement of Thailand’s culture.

Prevention is better than cure

But the times are a-changing. It’s a very bad idea to choose from just a picture. There are many factors, compatibility issues, and physical health. Thai ladyboy escort, although fun, can be harmful to your health if informed decisions are not made. The world is slowly accepting and assimilating, and now if you stay safe, you can indulge, and follow your dreams, in the land of smiles!