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Incredible Bangkok body massages at your hotel – the benefits!

Bangkok body massage is an ancient therapy. It is also known as “Naud Bo Rarn”. The massage is completely different from western routines. The massage is performed on a floor mat, and the person is completely clothed! Voila, doesn’t this sound different and interesting? The massage has both physical and emotional values, unlike western massages where the receiver is absolutely passive. Bangkok body massage keeps the receiver active. This can be attributed to the rise of Bangkok hotel massage centres.

There are two different types of Bangkok body massage styles: the Southern (Wat pho) and the Northern style. These styles originate from two different schools in Thailand. There are few differences between these two massage styles. For example, the southern Bangkok body massage focuses on energy lines. It applies plenty of pressure on various body parts. And, the northern massage is very gentle and smooth.

Southern or northern styled, there are so many benefits in the Bangkok Hotel massages.

Benefit #1 – Reduce anxiety

 Body massages can help you tackle stress and anxiety. In this modern era, there is so much work and very little time for “wellbeing”. If you are battling through tight schedules and difficult times, you need a Thai body massage. Massages can reverse psychological reactions and improve your mood. It works by reducing the amount of cortisol in your body. This is a powerful stress hormone.

Benefit #2 – Relax

Bangkok hotel massages can be very relaxing. The massages are performed in soothing environments. Both your body and mind will sense a wave of relief. Additionally, you will have great music to relax your mind. When compared against many other massaging styles, Thai massages use authentic music.

Benefit #3 – Energise yourself

Thai body massage can energise you! It works by improving metabolism and the flow of blood in the body. According to experienced massage therpaists, this is a simple way to boost your body’s energy levels. After 30 minutes of gentle Wat Pho styled massaging, you will feel stronger, have more stamina and fit! Undeniably, your energy levels will improve.

Benefit #4 – Improved Immunity

People who engage in periodic Bangkok body massage sessions feel healthier than those who don’t. As mentioned previously, Thai massage boosts blood flow. This has a direct impact on the percentage of healthy hormones in the body. Sooner, your body’s immunity will increase. In the long run, you will be able to maintain high immunity and stay healthy! Also, Thai hotel massages can save you from common health conditions like cold, cough, the flu and fever.

Bangkok hotel massage or outcall massage is provided with both agencies and independent masseuses in Bangkok, you can visit their website to compare their rates and services and the decide to avail their service.